Process Video: Geotechnical Monitoring Company

Process Video: Geotechnical Monitoring Company

This is some groundbreaking information . . .


As in, information that you should have when you plan to break ground.

Whether it’s a new building, foundation work, a tunnel, a bridge, or really any other complex construction project, the data that the team at GEO-Instruments provides to their clients around the world is essential to a safe and effective work flow.  And it’s not just “what” GEO provides that sets them apart, but also “how” they partner with clients throughout the life of a job.  When we first met with the GEO team to plan a sequence of videos, it was clear that a demonstration of  that “how” would play a key role in their video marketing strategy.

Enter the Process Video.  By breaking a complex topic like Geotechnical instrumentation down into a sequence of smaller steps, we’re able to:

  1. Speak to a buyer base with varying degrees of technical knowledge
  2. Demonstrate the expertise of the GEO-Instruments team
  3. Create a feeling of comfort and familiarity with the people at GEO

And best of all, unlike even your very best, most dedicated business development person, a process video is at work 24-7, accessible to your potential buyer exactly when he, she, or they needs to know – “Hey, how will this work?”  And that, my friend, is a groundbreaking approach to sales.