Investor Pitch Video: Healthcare Technology

Investor Pitch Video: Healthcare Technology

Breathe easy . . .

We first worked with Dynaris a few years ago when they needed a 3D animation to demonstrate the benefits of their technology.  The company has grown since that time, and called again this summer in need of a rushed project – they had investor pitch opportunities and really needed a well-produced video.

The first project had worked out well – helping them open new doors and establish relationships that put their product into the hands of healthcare providers.  For this next one, they wanted a different approach, highlighting not only the tech but also the team behind it.

Their first question was: “This is different from our first project, do you work this way as well?”

And then, “How fast can we get it done?”

And our answers?  “Yes” and “How fast do you want it?”

We’ve designed our company to create a wide range of video, animation, marketing, and strategy projects on a timeline that works for you.  We’re nimble, creative, fun, and experienced.  Hey, that’s what we want out of our vendors, too!

Whether it’s an upcoming tradeshow, event, investor pitch, selection committee interview, you name it, you can trust Solstice to deliver a quality product with a simple process, on time.  With the Solstice team, you can breathe easy.