2D Animation: Consumer Products

2D Animation: Consumer Products

Before there is a business, there is a sequence of choices to be made:

What are we going to sell?  To whom?  What will set this business apart from any other company that also offers X, Y, or Z product or service?  What will we charge?

Before there is a video, a similar set of choices need to be made:

Do we film, or use animation?  What’s the tone of voice (serious, fun, inspiring, innovative, etc)?  What do we want to accomplish?  What is our budget?

And before there is dinner, we must ask ourselves: Pizza?  Or tacos?  Until now . . .

We had a lot of fun telling the “origin story” of Muerto’s Pizza, and we hope you have fun watching it!

The best businesses and the best videos come as a result of making some strategic choices along the way.  The best dinners?  Well, sometimes that can be left up to chance.