Testimonial Video: Business Consulting

Testimonial Video: Business Consulting

One of the most effective tools in your video tool belt is the customer testimonial.

These work on so many levels it’s surprising that not everyone has one (or three, or a dozen, or a hundred) of these essential videos yet.

Why?  Let’s break this down:

1) You give the people you like, trust, and respect a chance to share their stories

2) You feature their business or expertise in some fashion in the video (a title, an image, a brand identity)

3) By working with a seasoned video company, you ensure that your clients and their businesses will look and sound amazing (and have a great experience doing it. SO much easier to talk to a good producer than to write a letter or other testimonial)

4) You give them the opportunity to connect with you and your business on a deeper level (people feel good about giving. Can we sing Kumbaya yet?)

And best of all, well messaged customer testimonial videos will give YOU qualified leads, controlled word of mouth messaging, and convert prospects into buyers.

Are you in the giving mood? Call us and we’ll help you spread the word!