Project Case Study: Electrical Contractor

Project Case Study: Electrical Contractor

Build insight, trust, and relationship 60 to 120 seconds at a time.

As a multi-generational family business, Aschinger Electric knows that the best way to build a strong business to build strong relationships. And that relationship building in 2021 looks a little, ok, A LOT, different than it did over 100 years ago when the founder rode the streets of St. Louis on a trolley car.

You can reach so many more people in the digital environment than you could ever hope to in pre-internet days. But “reach” does not mean “connect with”, let alone “build a relationship with.”

A smart video campaign can help move a contact to a customer in an organic way, building insight, trust, and relationship 60 to 120 seconds at a time, so that when your business development team calls they get a warm reception instead of a cold brush off.

A few tips:

  • Keep it short. Think of each video as building on another piece of your story, or as adding another brick onto the structure of your newly developing relationship.

  • Be authentic. When you showcase your real people working on a real project for a real customer, it’s easier for prospects to trust you with their real needs.

  • Be inviting. A video should be a lead-in to a great conversation, not a replacement for that conversation. Give your prospects a reason to want to learn more.

For more tips on putting video to work building your business relationships give us a call . . .