Story and the Nature of Expansion

Story and the Nature of Expansion

We are lucky enough to work with clients who are on the move, expanding into new products, new services, or new territories.  (Or maybe they’re just the smart ones who choose to work with us.  Businesses that use video grow 50% faster than businesses in the same industry that don’t.  Learn more about that here.)

One of the growing concerns of growing businesses is maintaining those central principles that helped them to become successful in the first place.  Listening to their customers.  Innovating solutions or processes.  Keeping an open door for employees.  And, yes, the basics of good business are, well, basic.  We all know them – ask any company for their core values and you’re likely to hear the same recited list.  And, it’s a great list.  But what does it tell you about that company?  Typically not that much.

So, how do you maintain one central company message that stays consistent across products, processes, and markets?  Say it with me, folks, video.  The entrepreneurs, the key employees, the long time clients – those are the people that embody that message.  They bring the heart, the emotion, and the believability to that list of company values.  Wish you could clone your biggest champions?  Ok, video can’t do that, exactly, but what it can do is to bring those champions into the boardrooms, offices, homes, cars (don’t watch while driving!), etc of all of your employees, customers, and prospects in a consistent, on demand, and authentic way.  And their stories, their expertise, their excitement, those are things that transfer your brand story from one product to another, from one city or country to another, from your founder, to your executive team, to the entry level employees.

Start a spark.  Watch it spread.  Contact us for more.


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