Happy Not-So Accidents

Happy Not-So Accidents

To Script or Not to Script?

That is the question asked by just about every business when they embark on a new video project.  There are some situations where a script is absolutely imperative to a good project, such as:

  • Animation of any kind:  An animation is most effective (and cost effective) when carefully planned, tightly scripted, and laid out in a storyboard before a single frame is created.
  • Training videos:  A well-planned script will ensure that your training content is clear, concise, and, most importantly, memorable.
  • Video ads under 60 seconds in length: whether you plan to use the ad on TV, in social, digital placement, or anyplace else, scripting will help deliver a big impact in a short amount of time.

If you’re planning any of the above videos, or any video where a script will be used, it is worth the investment to work with a professional scriptwriter (we have them on staff, if you’re looking).  Scriptwriting differs from writing newsletters, blogs, email drips, white papers, or any other content that is meant to be consumed by reading because of a very important distinction – scripts are meant to be watched (seems obvious, but if this isn’t what you do every day, it can really trip you up).

A great time to not script?  Any time you’re asking non-actors to appear on screen.  Writing a script is hard.  Performing a script in a believable way?  Hey, that’s why George Clooney makes the big bucks.

The approach that we recommend is:

  • Plan your video well.  Know what your outcome goal is, the key highlights of your story, and who can best help deliver those key points
  • Hire a professional interviewer to design and conduct on screen interviews (hint, hint.  We have those, too!)
  • Hire a professional story editor (yes, you know it, we have those on staff) to organize your interview soundbites into a strong story.

There are many “happy not-so accidents” that will come out of this approach, including:

  • Authentic soundbites that engage audiences
  • Interview subjects look and sound confident
  • Extra material that can lead to additional videos, such as this “Thank You” video we created as a value add when Conley Financial Group hired us to create a new merger announcement video.

Not sure how to approach your next video, or looking for some help?  You know where to find us.

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