Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

You’ve invested the time and money to produce a great video (or, better yet, to have us produce one for you.)  You know all about distribution because you follow my blog and read The Distribution Configuration in February (go, you!).  So now that great video is on your website, your Facebook page, in your emails, on your LinkedIn.  All good, right?

But you are a savvy, of the moment business owner, and you wonder, couldn’t I be doing more with this fantastic investment?  How right you are!  And here’s a few tidbits for you.  Indulge in as many as you like.  Want even more?  Call me.

1) Use Images From Your Video in Print Materials

One second of video is made up of 24 or 29.97 individual still images (depending upon the frame rate in which it was shot).  And at a render rate of 1080p to 1920p, or even higher, those frames can make for some pretty damn good stills.  Pulling a few out can enhance a flyer, a website, even a trade show banner.

2) Cut Additional Short Videos

Hey, we shot at least a 10:1 ratio.  And chances are very good that we have some great stuff that just couldn’t fit into that final video.  Going back through those interviews can provide some great ideas for additional content that can give a fresh feel to your website, sales presentation, email, social media . . .

3) Pull Customer Testimonials

People say wonderful, off the cuff, genuine things about you when they are on camera.  Use them!  Pulling quotes from a video interview to use as written testimonials on a website, online profile, proposal, email signature, or wherever is a great way to increase that ol’ ROI.

4) Guest Blog on Industry Sites

Everyone needs content – always.  Your interview transcriptions might provide the perfect thing for an industry publication.  Interviews are turned into compelling written articles with just a little bit of effort.  What a great way for prospects to find you!

Look at that!  You had all of these amazing marketing tools, and you didn’t even realize it.  With some good planning, a smart design, and a reliable partner, video is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving . . .




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