Product Demo Video: Consumer Product

Product Demo Video: Consumer Product

For e-commerce, product demonstration videos are a must-have item.

They should be quick, simple, get right to the point, and, to state the obvious, accurately demonstrate the use of the product.

But can’t they also be fun? Eye-catching? And tell a memorable brand story?

When the inventor of the Wine-Tapa approached us to demonstrate how his product keeps your tasty beverage bug-free whilst you sip freely in the great outdoors, we did our typical research into the space. It turns out this category has several products all competing for the same dollars. And quite a few of those had product demo videos. So how to help our client stand out? Gather the Solstice Productions creative team, stir gently, and let simmer . . .

Want to know what we’ll dream up for your next video? Give us a call . . .

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