Process Animation: Manufacturing

Process Animation: Manufacturing

“Solstice made my project painless.

I was very impressed with how they took a verbal vision and turned it into reality.  Their open minded attitudes to listening and implementing was very refreshing to deal with.  Their flexibility during the project really lets the most novice of marketing people complete a high level project.  I am already looking forward to more video creations in the future.”

Jay Ray – CEO Detector Technology

DeTech, Inc, a state of the art fabrication and production facility that specializes in Channel Electron Multipliers, Glass Extrusion & Fabrication and Motion Control Products, offers a unique manufacturing process that differentiates their product lines.  This Palmer, MA based business turned to Solstice Productions to produce a high-end 3D animation highlighting the manufacturing process and the unique features of DeTech CEM products.

The challenge?

Capture this highly technical and precise process in a visually compelling, simple to understand animation, and stay accurate to the devices, the process, and the technology.

The process?

DeTech, Inc shared an extensive PowerPoint presentation with the producers at Solstice, and provided engineering files (CAD), photographs, and technical language and expertise.  Solstice turned that information into a written script and storyboard, which was revised and then approved by the client.  A shorter, sample animation was provided first, ensuring to DeTech that Solstice could understand and accurately translate the information into moving images.  The expanded script and video was then produced.

The result?

Let us know what you think!  Would a 3D process animation be a good sales or training tool for your business?  Want to talk?  Contact me.

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