Women’s Work

Women’s Work

The best kind of marketing, and the best kind of video, has a very specific audience and knows exactly what it aims to do. Case in point – long time client and collaborator Construction Forum tackles the challenges facing the construction industry as a whole by designing niche content and campaigns. You can’t influence all of the people all of the time. But you CAN (and should) consistently engage all of your potential audiences in ways that matter to them.

Next Tuesday, April 27th, Construction Forum presents a panel on construction careers for women under their Yeah I Built That platform. Aimed at female students in middle and high school, this is one of many tactics the organization will undertake in an effort to recruit the next generation of construction workers.

When you break your Big Hairy Goals down into small, digestible bites, you start to see results quickly. And when you break your “I want to do video but I don’t know how to start” goal into targeting one very specific opportunity at a time, you’ll see results there as well.

Know someone who would like to learn more about the construction industry? Register here.

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