With Singular Focus

With Singular Focus

This job continually reminds me that a focus on the little things can have a major impact.  It might be the placement of a tool, an award, or another object in the deep background of an interview frame.  An extra half second on a transition in an animation.  A properly placed word or graphic.  And suddenly a scene becomes more than the sum of its parts.

The same is true when we look at the many assets of our diverse community.  We recently had the pleasure of being invited to create a Hero Video for Eye Thrive, a St. Louis based non-profit that provides free eye exams and glasses to lower income kids throughout the region.  (You can learn more about Eye Thrive, and how to support them, here.)

A pair of glasses can seem like a little thing – until you meet someone like Dontrell, a 4th grader who opens the featured video by saying “I always wanted to see, ever since I was just a little kid.  But my mom said we couldn’t afford glasses.  Then the eye doctor showed up in a RV!”

That new pair of glasses is going to help Dontrell and thousands of kids like him focus better in school, perform better academically and athletically, and truly see and experience the world around them.  It’s a small thing with a huge impact for the kids, the schools, and the community.

Sometimes, like these kids who get their first pair of glasses from Eye Thrive, we realize that something is not quite right, not quite in focus, but we couldn’t say what it is until someone with experience puts the right lens up to our eyes and it all becomes clear.

Looking for some help putting your brand story into focus?  We’ve got the lens for that – give us a call.




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