When More is More (For Less)

When More is More (For Less)

If you’ve been paying any attention at all (which I know you have, smart audience of mine), then you know that in 2018, having one video on your website does not constitute a video marketing strategy – and since we are quickly heading towards the day when 8 out of every 10 minutes spent online will be spent watching video, opting out of a video marketing strategy could leave your business in the dust. (For more, check out Wistia’s Guide to Video Marketing)

The good news?  All signs point to this is a great time to get started on, or invest more in, a video marketing strategy!  Yay!  It’s shiny, effective, fun to produce, and even fun-ner to watch, and best of all, offers the highest return on any marketing investment! Forbes says double ROI here. (The crowd goes wild.  We love video!)

The good-er news?  Developing video content in packages (like the one seen here) allows savvy businesses the opportunity to get the experience and high quality work of a seasoned production team at a low per-video rate.

Why?  A production budget is all based on time and materials – what gear do we need to execute the project, how many people, and how many hours will those people spend?  On one of our big, glossy productions (like these),  the combined team can quickly add up to 80 or 100 total hours.  On a simpler style of content videos, that same 80 or 100 hours can yield as many as 8-10 videos.  The economy of scale is huge, and something to take advantage of.

Speaking of advantages, if you want a simple style of content videos, why hire anyone at all?  Can’t your marketing person do that?

Well, technically, they may be able to.  Videos can be produced on a phone, with a wide variety of cameras, and editing platforms can be free or cheap.  There are several services that offer plug and play video editing (just put your content in and it does the work for you).  So, why hire?

It becomes a question of engagement.  Is it enough for you that an audience clicks the play button, or do you want them to watch the whole 90 seconds (yes, many will drop off at 5 seconds if not engaged)?  Do you want them to remember your video weeks or months or even longer after they’ve watched it?  They may not be ready to take action now, wouldn’t you like for them to remember your message once they are?  Telling a story that sticks is a difficult skill, and an experience video producer will add longevity to your content.

Want to learn more about video content packages?  Whether you’re just getting started, or think you have room to improve, we’re always here to help!  Contact us!

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