What Else Do April Showers Bring?

What Else Do April Showers Bring?

Yes, we’re all very excited about welcoming the tulips, daffodils, and lilacs to our previously dark and gray world, but, as you know, this is not a horticulture blog.  (But I will admit to tiptoeing through my own tulips after lunch today.  Yay sun!)

We obviously have a lot in common, you and I.  You love video, I love video.  You love a twist on an age old joke, I love to tell them.  And when April showers blow in overnight bringing downpours, thunder, and lightening, you and I both wake up, listen to the rain, and start thinking about our corporate budgets.  Yes, I understand.  April showers bring May flowers, tax bills, and 2 a.m. concerns about money.

One of the first questions I am asked by every client that is considering video is “How much will it cost?” or “Do you have a pricing sheet?”.  Well, it depends, which is why we don’t have a pricing sheet.

Video budgets come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, and depend entirely on what you want to be included in that one, two, or ten minutes of video.  Do you need a crew size of 10, or can 2 people capture what’s needed?  Do you have three 3D models, or twelve?  Do you need onscreen talent?  Of what caliber?

To help you understand the many variations of video budgets, today I am sharing a blog post from the UK (see, it’s a universal question) titled “HOW MUCH SHOULD I SPEND ON VIDEO?”

With so many variables, how should you budget for your video?  We take a backwards approach – we know how to concept, develop, and produce projects at a variety of budget ranges.  If you meet with us first, share your objectives and share your budget range, we can usually find a great solution for you.  Don’t let worry over video budgets keep you up at night – call us today!

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