UPDATE: COVID-19 Resources for Small Business

UPDATE: COVID-19 Resources for Small Business

Just like you, we’re a small business that is watching the news every day and trying to figure out exactly what the new SBA programs mean for us and our customers.  And just like you, we see changes flying at us faster than we can read them.

That’s why when our client Terry Lammers of Innovative Business Advisors called us yesterday afternoon and said “I need to make a new video!” we cleared our morning for him.

In full disclosure, Terry and IBA are Solstice clients.  And, also in full disclosure, Terry and his team have provided an immeasurable amount of help to us as we try to understand this new world we’re all living in.

In today’s video, Terry addresses the rapid changes and common points of confusion.  For more up to date resources, visit the IBA website.

We hope you find this information helpful.

If there’s any other questions you’d like us to help answer in this time of uncertainty, or have a topic that you can share, please let us know.

Stay safe!

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