The Little Rhino Who Could

The Little Rhino Who Could

I have a little beaded rhino, maybe 4 inches in height.  His form is sculpted wire, his black beads sparkle, just a little, and sprinkle of brightly colored beads add pops of light to his frame.  I quite like him, and keep him on a bookcase near my desk.  I bought him, along with some hand-knitted puppets, a lion, an elephant, and a soft, purple rhino, at a fundraiser for Africa Foundation a few years ago.

“What does a little beaded rhino have to do with video production?” you ask.  Good question – let me answer with another one.  How times in a year, a week, a day, are you asked to make a decision, to choose between this one and that?  How many times is your prospect, or client, asked to do the same?

One of the things we do as an organization is support charities through pro-bono video work.  You can see the latest one here.

We only produce one to two of these a year, and, as you can imagine, we field a lot of requests for it, so we have to choose wisely.  Madilika Craft Center, with it’s emphasis on independence and empowerment through entrepreneurship, is an organization that we can believe in and throw our support behind.  Yes, they produce very lovely hand-crafted gifts and souvenirs.  But more than that, they embrace the ideal that process and business can build a community, can bring a better life.  We believe that, too.  And so do our clients – if there’s a common thread that runs through almost all of our videos, it’s that at the center business improves lives.

When a process is good and successful, it yields good and success.  When you are making decisions about which video production company to hire, or which pair of shoes to buy, or which software development firm to work with, you’re not only buying the end result of a video, footwear, an application.  Your decision ultimately comes down to how is it made – how will we get to that end result of hand-stitched Italian leather, or faster production of estimates and invoices, or an authentic, moving, effective combination of pictures and sound that compels more people to choose you.

Interested in our process?  Learn more about that here.

Want an opportunity to show off your process?  Call us! We’d love to help.

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