Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone

One of the most difficult questions I face nearly every day is “How much does a short video cost?”

So, in honor of the approaching Spring and the gradual re-opening of the economy and the travel industry, let’s approach that answer in a manner similar to the one you’ll soon take in planning your next vacation. How much does a vacation cost? Well, it depends.

We’ve recently completed these two videos for two very different travel destinations. Take a look and you’ll understand:

Although these two videos are very similar in length, that’s about where the similarities end. One uses aerial and cinematic footage, VoiceOver, and an elegant editing style that’s in keeping with the experience that our client Joe Lang Travel offers (shout out to Joe, book a trip with him!)

The other features hand drawn characters, Looney-Tunes style sound design, and the type of tongue in cheek branding that our good friends in Uranus, Missouri are quickly becoming famous for. Ready for a road trip on Route 66? This is a roadside attraction that is worth the stop.

Designing a video, and a video budget, has a lot in common with designing a trip.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want as the final destination (what do I hope to achieve by taking on this effort)?

  • How can the video reflect the experience that I’d like associated with my brand?

  • What is my budget? (You shouldn’t plan a European river cruise if you’re working with a road trip budget – that’s an easy one)

  • Do I want the ability to create additional videos (or take additional trips) in the near future?

And then be sure to select a video team that you feel confident can help you to reach your destination in a style that supports your unique brand and comes in on budget.

Need help designing your next trip? Call Joe. Need help designing your next video? Call us anytime.

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