Smart. Adaptive. Frictionless.

Smart. Adaptive. Frictionless.

Shopping for cyber-security solutions?  You’ll want something that is aware that the threat landscape changes rapidly, that is able to adjust as new threats and bad actors enter the scene, and that doesn’t slow down the operation of your business.  In other words, you’ll want PoliWall by Bandura (see the video here).

But the video already shows you that.  You click on this blog to learn about video production, right?  Of course you do!  And I would never let you down.


One of the most common concerns new clients have is that their businesses are complicated, unique, built upon proprietary innovations, or complex processes, or just the lightning in a bottle energy of their founder.  And this is all true, of every single one of the companies we work with.  

When it comes to video production, smart is listening to our clients.  Smart is researching the competitive landscape.  Smart is understanding not just our client, but their clients, the audience that the video is intended to reach.  And smart is decades of experience turning complicated ideas, products, processes, and people into easy to understand visual stories.


Marketing always presents a challenge – the buzzwords of today become white noise, meaningless, as every video, billboard, website, and email uses them.  What’s not meaningless?The way that an innovation, a process, a team, a founder, or a product embodies that word.  Discovering that Truth, finding the human, the emotion, the problem that is addressed and solved, the authenticity of that word (or finding alternate, more honest, more resonant and accurate words), and then telling THAT story to an audience – that is adaptive.  Every project, every client, every story, presents a new set of challenges, and deserves an open mind, an open process, and the willingness to meet that client, that project where THEY are, and not shove them into a “one size fits all” box (or video).


Producing your company or product video should be fun!  It’s a collaborative process between a production team and a client, and should be open, engaging, effective, and efficient.  We have four primary points of contact for our clients:  

1) Discovery/Pre-Production Planning.  This starts with about a one hour in-person or virtual meeting, where all of the project details are discussed, and a basic outline and schedule are developed.

2) Script/Storyboard/Production Plan Review.  Our team develops the next stage, whether that is a script and storyboard, or, for interview driven videos, a production plan, and submits a turn-key, ready for production file for our clients to review, give notes on, or approve.  We do the heavy lifting of “how will we fit all of this information into 2 minutes?!”, and you just make sure that you agree with our approach.  Don’t agree?  We’ll adjust.

3) Production.  This is either a day or so of filming, or, for an animation project, building style guides and models.  Some clients build an interview schedule and list of questions with us, then sit in and approve interviews as they are captured, some just let us loose to work our magic.  Again, this process should be fun, and we like to let clients choose which approach works best for them. For animation, this entails us sending over 3D models, style guides, and sometimes test renders to make sure everything moves and functions the way it should, and that style meets the brand guidelines.

4) Review Edit.  Again, the burden of bringing the original idea for the video to life is all ours – hey, it’s what we do!  What we’re good at, and what wakes us up in the morning (no, maybe that’s my cat.  Anyway . . . ).  Once the story is tight and moving at an engaging pace, the imagery is sharp and effective, and the sound design elevating the piece to an emotional level, we send over a review edit for your team.  Love it?  That’s awesome!  It’s close, but?  Go ahead and send those notes.  Again, this is a collaborative process, and hey, your company/product/process is complicated/unique/proprietary.

For a smart, adaptive, and frictionless production process, we’re always available!  Call us!


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