Sharing the Facts

Sharing the Facts

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Last month, we were invited to a meeting at the Construction Forum to discuss an important and personal issue – leaders in the construction industry are working to address concerns and hesitations amongst the workforce when it comes to receiving the relatively new COVID vaccines. Workplace safety is always at the top of the industry’s list, and, sadly, our St. Louis based construction industry lost more than a few members during the pandemic.

Led by Thom Kuhn, CEO of Millstone Weber, the Forum quickly sprung into action and assembled a team of collaborators. An incredible 26 individuals signed up to join us for one day of filming and to share their COVID story, facts about the vaccine, or their own vaccine experience. The overall approach is one of addressing concerns, sharing facts, and coming together as a community to help us all recover and get back to “normal”.

From the inception, this has truly been a team effort, with contributions from Washington University, the CDC, STL Carpenters, McCarthy, STL/KC Laborers, SIBA, KWAME Building Group, Excel Business Systems, and the generous support of Thom Kuhn.

Now, we’re asking you to join the team. If you find this information helpful and relevant, please share.

Check out the full initiative at

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