Explainer Animation: ANSI

In our over 20 years of producing videos, we’ve often traveled back in time to get to the root of a story.  To create this video for The American National Standards Institute we had to go wa-a-ay back.  2.6 Million years back, to be precise.

And we think that what we learned is pretty cool.  Hope that you do, too!


Product Animation: Manufacturer

Harnessing the Power . . .

It can start with a simple question – “how can we harness the natural power of wind to increase MPG and decrease fuel usage for the trucking industry?”  But it takes an innovative team of engineers like the ones at Feldhake Consulting to design a working solution like their new product line, AirTurbine.

And a video project can start with a simple request -“let’s create an explainer video to help promote our new product.”  But it takes an innovative and curious team of creatives to produce an explainer video that works.

When selecting a production team, ask yourself:

  1. Do I like the work samples that I see?  (and if they don’t have video work samples, run away. No matter what they say, they do not produce video)
  2. Are they asking me smart questions?
  3. Do they understand my product?
  4. Do they understand the impact that my product will have on my desired customer base?
  5. Do I feel comfortable around them?  Will we enjoy working together?

When you’re working with the right team, your explainer video should harness the power of light and sound to create an explainer video that is just as impactful as your innovative solution.


Product Animation: Manufacturer

Delivering the Future . . . Today

It’s more than a tagline, it’s a recap of this entire project.

When inventor and designer Jeremy High first approached us about creating a sequence of videos about his innovative new smart home product, he had a clear business concept, a plan, some great engineering files, and was prepping for his brand launch at CES 2022.  What he didn’t have?  A working prototype of the Fresh Portal.  (He does now.  Follow his story here to learn more.)

Enter the magic world of video and animation.  We worked with Jeremy’s team to define strong messaging for each of the 8 distinct audiences he had identified as early adopters, created scripts and storyboards that could maximize a start-up budget while appealing to sophisticated investors and decision makers, and managed a production schedule of location filming, green-screen studio footage, 3D animation, and stock footage to meet his CES launch deadline.  He reported back to us:

“Several times throughout the trade show I would approach people while they were watching the videos.  They would ‘shush’ me, finish watching, then we could jump right into a ‘what’s next’ conversation since they really understood the product and the company already.”

We love the great feedback, Jeremy!

Video and animation is an extremely effective tool for demonstrating products, explaining the features and benefits, and, in cases like this, for delivering the experience of a future product . . . today.

What’s next for your business?  And how can we help you bring it life?  Tell us here.


Product Animation: Manufacturing Company

Three heads can be better than one . . .

When it comes to creating a marketing communications piece, video should absolutely be at the top of your HOW list.  If you want to include multiple locations, characters, and scenes, animation can be a great way to a) create challenging scenes, and b) control your budget.

And when it comes to the WHAT of your marketing communications video, it’s important to remember the value of collaboration.

Today’s easy access to video tools (you can carry everything you need in your pocket!) gives a single individual the ability to do what it used to take a full film crew to accomplish.  And that’s great – for certain applications.  But when you want to convey a complex idea, product, or service in a simple, visual, and engaging way, putting heads together is the best way to go.

Our long time collaborators Spoke Marketing teamed up with their client Spartech to lay out a storyboard for this animation.  The Solstice team then created a graphic look that played off of the Spartech logo and branding (also created by Spoke) and could handle the story demands of the storyboard on time and on budget.  The result?

Watch the video and tell us what you think . . .

Core Values Video: DesignBuild Firm

“An Engineer looks like me”

When you spend a lot of time, like we do, in the A/E/C industry you notice the trends, the challenges, and the aspirations not only of the individuals and companies whose stories you help to tell, but also of the industry as a whole.

Over the past decade, we’ve heard “diversity” in every project launch meeting.  More than buzzwords, diversity and inclusion have become the handholds for innovating your company, for attracting the best and brightest of the new pool of talent, and for setting up your firm for growth and future success.  And, as it rightly should, diversity and inclusion comes in a wide variety of colors, and itself is only one of  values that makes a company great to work with (and great to work for).

One of the greatest pleasures is when we get a chance to work with a growing company that has D+I at its core and share that story on the small screen.  Thank you, the team at Ardmore Roderick, for trusting us to tell the story of all your core values, and for celebrating the beautiful variety of what an engineer can look like.

Process Video: Geotechnical Monitoring Company

This is some groundbreaking information . . .


As in, information that you should have when you plan to break ground.

Whether it’s a new building, foundation work, a tunnel, a bridge, or really any other complex construction project, the data that the team at GEO-Instruments provides to their clients around the world is essential to a safe and effective work flow.  And it’s not just “what” GEO provides that sets them apart, but also “how” they partner with clients throughout the life of a job.  When we first met with the GEO team to plan a sequence of videos, it was clear that a demonstration of  that “how” would play a key role in their video marketing strategy.

Enter the Process Video.  By breaking a complex topic like Geotechnical instrumentation down into a sequence of smaller steps, we’re able to:

  1. Speak to a buyer base with varying degrees of technical knowledge
  2. Demonstrate the expertise of the GEO-Instruments team
  3. Create a feeling of comfort and familiarity with the people at GEO

And best of all, unlike even your very best, most dedicated business development person, a process video is at work 24-7, accessible to your potential buyer exactly when he, she, or they needs to know – “Hey, how will this work?”  And that, my friend, is a groundbreaking approach to sales.

Legacy Video for Construction Management Firm

Born on Saturday . . .

Sound familiar?

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Tony Thompson of KWAME Building Group first started his now 30 year old construction management firm by working on the weekends before leaving his previous employer.  The origin story is such a vital part of his company that he named it KWAME, which means “Born on Saturday”.

We are often asked to help companies celebrate milestones with a legacy video.  We love crafting these stories! While we create legacy videos in many styles, we always keep these goals in mind:

  1. RELATABILITY – Focusing on elements of the story that other business owners can relate to helps to create a feeling of familiarity.  Stories are most effective when other people can see themselves in the “hero”.
  2. INDIVIDUALITY – While many business owners share a number of traits, challenges, and inspirations, every business has a story that makes them uniquely them.  These are those things that help your story, and your company, memorable, and the things that your clients love about you.
  3. LONGEVITY – Ideally, a legacy video remains a viable part of your marketing toolbox for years to come (until you’re ready to make your next milestone video, at least).  Focusing on how this amazing foundation sets you up for future success is a great way to structure a story that will continue to be relevant as you move forward.

When you’re ready to celebrate your next milestone, let us know!  We’re here to help.


Recruiting Video for Industrial Company

When you’re looking for more . . .

More people, that is, with more experience, more commitment, and more promise, a recruiting video can become your HR team’s best friend.

Did you know that video is shared 20x more than any other content type on LinkedIn?  Or that job postings with video have a 34% higher application rate than those without? (source)

Want to learn how to make your next job posting more effective by using video?  Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Feature the people who are already making your company great.  After all, attracting more of that type of people will just make your company more great (ok, improper grammar.  But you get my point!)
  2. Speak to the true benefits that your company offers employees.  It’s often not about compensation and healthcare, but about opportunity, and freedom, and those other intangibles that attract good people and keep them.
  3. Stay on point.  Recruiting videos are great place to stick to that wonderful marketing tenet of “What’s in it for me?”  Potential employees don’t need to know everything at this stage, just what will impact them in their everyday life at your company.  Keep the rest of it for your onboarding video 🙂

And when you’re ready for more video advice, call us.


Engineering Project Case Study: Epstein

Reach for the skies . . .

When your firm has been innovating engineering, design, and construction for almost a century, why wouldn’t you “reach for the skies” with a first of its kind project like the World’s Tallest Modular Hotel, the AC NoMad, soon coming to New York? And when your incredibly talented team has the opportunity to share the story of this project to a wide audience, why wouldn’t you create a Project Case Study Video?

I’m proud to share with you this fantastic story of the innovation and expertise of our client, Epstein Global. And I invite you to share your success stories with us! We have a team on standby waiting to tell your story . . .

Project Case Study for Fabricator: Craftsmen Industries

When golfers like Tiger Woods, Jason Day, and Phil Mickelson will be lounging in your trailer, you want to make something really spectacular.

And when a client like TaylorMade is thrilled to hit the PGA Tour circuit in your creation, you want to make a spectacular video about it.

Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of marketing for companies of all types and industries. And a well produced video testimonial creates word of mouth opportunities that last. That’s why we love when an innovative company like Craftsmen Industries invites us to create a video testimonial like this one.

Even better? When we receive a testimonial in return!

“I could not be happier.  You nailed it. The shorter version is 100% customer as it should be and he used the tag line perfectly. This would be an Olympic perfect 10.  Thanks to you and your team for such fantastic work.  You ROCK!  I hope you are as proud of this as we are with this production.  What an awesome testimonial.  Nice work.  Hugs and high fives all around. “ — Mark Steele, President/CEO

When you’re ready to spread the word about your happy clients, give us a call!