Recruiting Video for Industrial Company

Recruiting Video for Industrial Company

When you’re looking for more . . .

More people, that is, with more experience, more commitment, and more promise, a recruiting video can become your HR team’s best friend.

Did you know that video is shared 20x more than any other content type on LinkedIn?  Or that job postings with video have a 34% higher application rate than those without? (source)

Want to learn how to make your next job posting more effective by using video?  Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Feature the people who are already making your company great.  After all, attracting more of that type of people will just make your company more great (ok, improper grammar.  But you get my point!)
  2. Speak to the true benefits that your company offers employees.  It’s often not about compensation and healthcare, but about opportunity, and freedom, and those other intangibles that attract good people and keep them.
  3. Stay on point.  Recruiting videos are great place to stick to that wonderful marketing tenet of “What’s in it for me?”  Potential employees don’t need to know everything at this stage, just what will impact them in their everyday life at your company.  Keep the rest of it for your onboarding video 🙂

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