Explainer Animation: Industrial Product

Explainer Animation: Industrial Product

A short, well-messaged Explainer Video is always a strong choice.

What do you do when your concrete structure is showing signs of wear? Reach out to an SRS trained contractor, of course! (such as our friends and clients over at Western Specialty Contractors)

And, what do you do when a large portion of your business development and sales time is spent on explaining what it is that your product or service actually does?

Create an Explainer Video!

So, what makes an Explainer Video an Explainer Video?

1) It answers a prospect’s most common questions in a clear and concise manner

2) It demonstrates the features and benefits of a product or a service

3) When well presented, it leads to a “how do we get started?” sales conversation instead of a “now what is this?” exploratory conversation.

Simply put, an explainer video helps good prospects qualify themselves and saves sales and business development teams hours of time. And they are kind of like potato chips – once you have us produce one, you’ll be ready to come back for another (and another and . . . )

Have any questions about how Explainer Videos might work for your business? Give me a call .