Product Animation: Manufacturing Company

Product Animation: Manufacturing Company

Three heads can be better than one . . .

When it comes to creating a marketing communications piece, video should absolutely be at the top of your HOW list.  If you want to include multiple locations, characters, and scenes, animation can be a great way to a) create challenging scenes, and b) control your budget.

And when it comes to the WHAT of your marketing communications video, it’s important to remember the value of collaboration.

Today’s easy access to video tools (you can carry everything you need in your pocket!) gives a single individual the ability to do what it used to take a full film crew to accomplish.  And that’s great – for certain applications.  But when you want to convey a complex idea, product, or service in a simple, visual, and engaging way, putting heads together is the best way to go.

Our long time collaborators Spoke Marketing teamed up with their client Spartech to lay out a storyboard for this animation.  The Solstice team then created a graphic look that played off of the Spartech logo and branding (also created by Spoke) and could handle the story demands of the storyboard on time and on budget.  The result?

Watch the video and tell us what you think . . .

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