Product Animation: Manufacturer

Product Animation: Manufacturer

Harnessing the Power . . .

It can start with a simple question – “how can we harness the natural power of wind to increase MPG and decrease fuel usage for the trucking industry?”  But it takes an innovative team of engineers like the ones at Feldhake Consulting to design a working solution like their new product line, AirTurbine.

And a video project can start with a simple request -“let’s create an explainer video to help promote our new product.”  But it takes an innovative and curious team of creatives to produce an explainer video that works.

When selecting a production team, ask yourself:

  1. Do I like the work samples that I see?  (and if they don’t have video work samples, run away. No matter what they say, they do not produce video)
  2. Are they asking me smart questions?
  3. Do they understand my product?
  4. Do they understand the impact that my product will have on my desired customer base?
  5. Do I feel comfortable around them?  Will we enjoy working together?

When you’re working with the right team, your explainer video should harness the power of light and sound to create an explainer video that is just as impactful as your innovative solution.