Legacy Video for Construction Management Firm

Legacy Video for Construction Management Firm

Born on Saturday . . .

Sound familiar?

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Tony Thompson of KWAME Building Group first started his now 30 year old construction management firm by working on the weekends before leaving his previous employer.  The origin story is such a vital part of his company that he named it KWAME, which means “Born on Saturday”.

We are often asked to help companies celebrate milestones with a legacy video.  We love crafting these stories! While we create legacy videos in many styles, we always keep these goals in mind:

  1. RELATABILITY – Focusing on elements of the story that other business owners can relate to helps to create a feeling of familiarity.  Stories are most effective when other people can see themselves in the “hero”.
  2. INDIVIDUALITY – While many business owners share a number of traits, challenges, and inspirations, every business has a story that makes them uniquely them.  These are those things that help your story, and your company, memorable, and the things that your clients love about you.
  3. LONGEVITY – Ideally, a legacy video remains a viable part of your marketing toolbox for years to come (until you’re ready to make your next milestone video, at least).  Focusing on how this amazing foundation sets you up for future success is a great way to structure a story that will continue to be relevant as you move forward.

When you’re ready to celebrate your next milestone, let us know!  We’re here to help.