Explainer Video for Online Resource

Explainer Video for Online Resource

Every video starts with a series of decisions, and those decisions lead to a script or a plan.

In the case of Labor Junction, our client wanted to be sure to communicate that his new online resource was consumer focused and easy to use.  So one of our early decisions was to use the second person (“You”) voice in scripting.

Addressing your audience directly using the second person point of view is a great way to create an emotional connection. It makes your audience feel seen and heard, and gets them involved in the conversation.

When you use the second person, you’re not just talking at your audience, you’re talking with them. You’re acknowledging their unique experiences, and showing them that you understand where they’re coming from. It’s like you’re pulling up a chair and having a one-on-one chat with each and every person in the room.

And let’s not forget about the power of empathy! When you use “you,” you’re tapping into the emotions of your audience and really getting them to connect with your message on a deeper level. You’re showing them that you care, and that you’re here to help.