Branding Videos: Manufacturing

Branding Videos: Manufacturing

You know that moment.

That moment when all of your careful planning, all the decisions that you’ve made that have led up to this place, this product, this service, or this video all come together and you get to sit back and see it all in action.

One of the most basic tenets of effective storytelling, and effective video production, is “Show, Don’t Tell”. When you give an audience the opportunity to experience your product, service, or other offering through a truly visual, and visceral, technique, you heighten your chances that your audience will remember your brand, your story, and most importantly for business owners, your offer (which leads to three of our favorite letters: ROI).

80% of an audience will remember a well crafted video ad up to a month after viewing it, and 40% will take action.

So how do you “Show, Don’t Tell”?

  1. Be honest and authentic. What are the selling points of your product or your service? What are the ways in which those selling points add value to your customer base? Where will they use this, what impact will it have? What scenarios can you play out that will demonstrate those selling points in action?

  2. Humor never hurts. (Side note: No skateboarders or trash receptacles were harmed in the making of this video). If you can get a laugh out of your audience, your video becomes that much more memorable. Just be sure that any moments of humor also honor tip #1, and that you stay honest to your brand.

  3. If you can show it, you don’t have to say it as well. A lot of video makers fall into the trap of stating everything that is seen onscreen. Use as few words as possible, and let the action speak for itself. Trust us, it does anyway (Actions do Speak Louder than Words, it’s not just something your mother told you).

  4. Keep it simple. One video, one message. Your audience should be able to tell someone else about the video, the product or service, or the offer in less than one sentence.

Want some help Showing (not telling) how your prospect base will benefit from your business, your product, or your service? Give us a call!