Core Values Video: K-12 Education

Core Values Video: K-12 Education

Back to School . . .

If the start of a new school year evokes feelings of anticipation, excitement, and opportunity imagine how it must feel to start an entirely new way of thinking about school.  Our latest client, Ali Academy, is doing just that – taking the issues and opportunities of this particular moment in time and turning them into an institution designed to help the next generation of disrupters and innovators create positive and lasting change.

One of the biggest challenges innovators face is communicating what it is that makes their solution better, different, amazing, THE next great thing, etc.  Enter video – hands down the most effective way to connect people to an idea.

Whether it’s a new technology with tremendous positive environmental impact, a building that will provide a safe and fun place for a community to gather, a healthcare device that extends life – whatever your innovation may be, today’s lesson can be summed up in 2 words:  “Use Video”.  And if you need any help innovating your video content, call us!

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