Core Values Video: DesignBuild Firm

Core Values Video: DesignBuild Firm

“An Engineer looks like me”

When you spend a lot of time, like we do, in the A/E/C industry you notice the trends, the challenges, and the aspirations not only of the individuals and companies whose stories you help to tell, but also of the industry as a whole.

Over the past decade, we’ve heard “diversity” in every project launch meeting.  More than buzzwords, diversity and inclusion have become the handholds for innovating your company, for attracting the best and brightest of the new pool of talent, and for setting up your firm for growth and future success.  And, as it rightly should, diversity and inclusion comes in a wide variety of colors, and itself is only one of  values that makes a company great to work with (and great to work for).

One of the greatest pleasures is when we get a chance to work with a growing company that has D+I at its core and share that story on the small screen.  Thank you, the team at Ardmore Roderick, for trusting us to tell the story of all your core values, and for celebrating the beautiful variety of what an engineer can look like.