Company Overview: General Contractor

Company Overview: General Contractor

One of our most commonly answered questions when we work with a new client is:

How long will this video be usable?

And while there’s not really a hard and fast rule, the general answer is that a well produced video will work for your company as long as the information is still relevant to your company.

Which takes us to the next topic, which is:

When is it the right time to make a new video?

In the case of repeat client BEX Construction Services the answer was “When we outgrow our first video.”

Several years ago, BEX came to us as a small firm with a strong leadership team.  They wanted a video that would highlight not only their capabilities, but also their approach.  As a small team, they really needed the video to help them spread the word in an easy way.

This spring, BEX called again.  Since creating that first video, the team had grown, the project size expanded, and the opportunities in front of them are huge.  They were ready for a new video that showcased the new BEX story.

The result?  Upon the first client viewing, we got a text message back saying “Bingo!! Great job!”

Click the link to see for yourself.  And when you’re ready to tell your new story, give us call.