Overview Videos

You have a compelling story to tell.  A story that impresses, excites, invites, engages.  A story that your clients, supporters, and referral sources tell, spreading the word of the good work that YOU do.

An overview video tells that story to the world, provides a simple tool for your team, your clients, and your supporters to share that story.  And lets prospects know who you are and what you stand for.

Story sells.  Let us tell yours.

Solstice was instrumental in helping St Louis Makes present our point of view via video. We went with the recommendations of Solstice on all aspects of the project – format, questions, presentation style, etc. – and we were very pleased with the outcome and results. Solstice made us look like we were comfortably telling our story to a national audience. The video is a great testimonial that showcases our point of view and the upside potential for our segment here in the region.

— Marc Bowers, Founder, St. Louis Makes