Leave it to the Professionals

Leave it to the Professionals

Managing a commercial property, keeping the site maintained, and the tenants happy, is hard.  Doing it while running an entirely different business, with that business your main focus and revenue source?  Even harder, as you can hear Hilliker Corporation property management clients testify in this month’s video.  That’s why these very smart, successful business owners choose to outsource to a trusted resource, right?

Producing a good video?  An effective one, with strong messaging, compelling and exciting visuals, and a pacing that keeps the audience from losing focus halfway through?  Also, hard.  Here’s an interesting fact that was shared in a recent presentation I was fortunate to see: Recall is best at the beginning of a presentation, and again at the end.  All that stuff in between?  Often lost.  Unless a practiced storyteller – or speaker- creates interruptions, which we in the video biz call “beats”, that spark the audience’s interest, promotes recall, and guides the audience through a journey to exactly where we want them to end up.  (Saying “yes!” See more here)

Story structure is important – there’s a reason that just about every film you’ve ever seen has a Three Act structure, it works!  Without those disruptions, that movement, that particular reveal of information, no one would ever sit in a theater (or on the couch) for 2 or 3 hours at a stretch.  And it’s no different for a business video.  Did you know that YouTube prefers longer videos?  It’s true – videos that perform well on the second largest search engine in the world can run up to 15 minutes in length, or even beyond.  But, the caveat.  The longer the video, the more important story structure and interrupts become.  Why?  Remember what I said earlier, about how all that stuff you say in the middle will be lost without it?  

When you want to have flexibility in your commercial property management plan, and the option to hand it all over to a professional team and sit back and collect checks, you call on a team like Hilliker.  When you want to produce an effective marketing video?  Shouldn’t you turn to a professional for that as well?

Still have questions?  I love to talk story!  Let’s chat.

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