It’s a Generational Thing

It’s a Generational Thing

These crazy kids today, with their fancy devices, their unrelenting consumption of video, and their high expectations of seamless integration between humans and technology.  Gen X-ers and their new-fangled ideas!

Yes, all we’ve been hearing for years is Millennials, Millennials, Millennials! (and us Gen-Xers reply, in unison now, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!). But who is actually driving the biggest changes and trends in business?  Gen X!  Surprised?  Check out the article here

What does this mean for video marketers?  For businesses like the ones we serve (such as Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing here), Gen X makes up the bulk of their client base.  And understanding what drives your client base to make decisions (including the decision to choose YOU) is just smart marketing.  And smart marketing makes everybody more money (we like that!)

What’s the best way to craft messaging for Gen X?  As a card carrying member, let me offer a few ideas:

1) Have Respect.  Okay, maybe we have been around the block a couple of times.  We’ve earned these gray hairs, and we’ll color them if we damn well want to!  We’re smart enough to know whether someone is genuine, or memorized lines written for them by a Millennial marketing intern, or, even worse, is struggling with cue cards.  Take the time to have a seasoned professional conduct an interview, answer questions honestly and authentically, and be passionate and emotional.  Not into an interview style video?  No problem!  Create animations or hire professional talent.  You can’t BS your way past a Gen X-er, so please stop trying.

2) Address My Problem.  Hey, we have a lot of choices when it comes to how we spend our time, so if we choose to spend it on your content, it’s because we want to know what’s in it for us.  We have a problem, you have a solution, lay it all out for us in a clear, easy to summarize way.  And, please, make it memorable.  If I don’t remember what your video was about 30 minutes after I watched it, did I really watch it?  Tell me why I should care, and then sell me on why you’re the best.

3) Quality Matters.  We make cell phone videos, too.  Of our cat, our kid’s concert, our intimate, off the cuff, exciting moments.  And there is definitely a place for those “seat of your pants” cell phone videos in your video marketing mix.  But we cut our teeth on John Hughes movies, son!  If you are truly a quality business with a quality product/service and a quality brand, then we want to see a quality video.

I had lunch with a fellow Gen X-er today, and he brought up some videos that have been popping up on our respective LinkedIn feeds.  The owner of a marketing firm has a cell phone on his dashboard, and looks into the camera while he is driving.  Yes, while he is driving.  We talked about how this made us feel.  1) This is not a responsible individual so why we would give him money?  and 2) If we did for some reason hire him, how could we feel comfortable that he won’t crash and be incapacitated the next time he drives around making a video?  What’s onscreen matters!  That’s why there is a picture, people!!

Need help crafting videos for Gen X, or any other generation?  We’d love to help!


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