If I Could Turn Back Time

If I Could Turn Back Time

The opportunity?  Help a 130 year old mutual insurance company celebrate their anniversary.

The challenge?  Available materials include a tattered, hand written leather bound ledger, policy documents scripted in pencil, and a basement full of boxes of paper.  Any original members?  Long gone.  

The solution?  Meramec Valley Mutual Insurance Company celebrated their 100th anniversary in 1987 with a well structured written history distributed via pamphlet.  Scenes from that article provided the backbone for the voiceover script.  The client had already asked for animation, which opened up the possibilities for production (although we might have had fun retro-fitting that original ledger book into an actual time machine, with animation no books were harmed).  The time machine and pages within are modeled off of photos of the actual ledger book, and many, many hours of image search, compositing, animation, and sound design brought the pages to life.

The result?  Watch it here.

But I can’t possibly leave you with just this case study, can I?  There must be a lesson here, or I’m not doing my blogging job.

Cher sings about regret (you did pick up on the Cher reference in the title of this article, no?)  And we talk to companies every day about how they would really like to capture their founder on video before he/she retires (or worse), celebrate their anniversary with an eye catching video, have that product demonstration on a flat screen for their next trade show, communicate that training process to every new employee through an easy to understand video, beat out their competition by using Millennial friendly video to recruit the best and brightest new talent.  We know we’re not talking to all of you whom have thought, planned, dreamed, wished, that you had made that relatively small investment in video, and have now missed the moment.  Yes, it costs money.  Yes, it takes some time (although how much depends largely on which producer you work with.  If time is precious to you, choose a production company wisely).  And, yes, you will have the most effective communication tool on your website, blog, social media, trade show booth, sales presentation, training platform, etc, for years to come.

You don’t need a time machine to get started.  Just call us – and stop living with regret.

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