For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only

Walk up to the mic.  Take a deep breath.  Count 1, 2, 3.  Now, look out, and picture the entire audience in their underpants.  Ridiculous, right?

Want to to know the real secret to a powerful presentation, whether onstage, video, film, blogpost, email, novel, painting, podcast, whatever?  Create an intimate connection with your audience.  How?  By speaking to one person, one person that you care about, one person that you want, no, need to persuade, one person that you are moved to move.  And you should be looking that one person in the eye, not the, well, this is still a business blog.

It’s tempting to think, well, the more people who watch our video, the better our ROI.  Makes sense?  Traditional advertising tells us so (frequency and reach, right).  For most of our clients, B2B providers of goods, services, and experiences, that just isn’t so.  If I don’t own a construction or utilities company, I will never need to buy a piece of equipment from Hammerhead.  And if I’m not the Director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, then I don’t have the power to choose North St. Louis as the site for the new Headquarters West.

Targeted messaging is important.  Create a profile of that one person, maybe it’s a real individual, maybe it’s a composite of your ideal clients.  Speak to that one person’s needs, wants, goals.  Answer the questions that that one person has, address the issues that are holding that one person back from buying from you right now.  When it comes to the audience for a business video, size just doesn’t matter.   The quality of your audience is what you should measure, not the quantity.

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