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Can you actually see a 10,000% ROI from using a video?  Our client Chuck Justus did just that.

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Product Demo Video: Consumer Product

For e-commerce, product demonstration videos are a must-have item.

They should be quick, simple, get right to the point, and, to state the obvious, accurately demonstrate the use of the product.

But can’t they also be fun? Eye-catching? And tell a memorable brand story?

When the inventor of the Wine-Tapa approached us to demonstrate how his product keeps your tasty beverage bug-free whilst you sip freely in the great outdoors, we did our typical research into the space. It turns out this category has several products all competing for the same dollars. And quite a few of those had product demo videos. So how to help our client stand out? Gather the Solstice Productions creative team, stir gently, and let simmer . . .

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Process Animation: Manufacturing

“Solstice made my project painless.

I was very impressed with how they took a verbal vision and turned it into reality.  Their open minded attitudes to listening and implementing was very refreshing to deal with.  Their flexibility during the project really lets the most novice of marketing people complete a high level project.  I am already looking forward to more video creations in the future.”

Jay Ray – CEO Detector Technology

DeTech, Inc, a state of the art fabrication and production facility that specializes in Channel Electron Multipliers, Glass Extrusion & Fabrication and Motion Control Products, offers a unique manufacturing process that differentiates their product lines.  This Palmer, MA based business turned to Solstice Productions to produce a high-end 3D animation highlighting the manufacturing process and the unique features of DeTech CEM products.

The challenge?

Capture this highly technical and precise process in a visually compelling, simple to understand animation, and stay accurate to the devices, the process, and the technology.

The process?

DeTech, Inc shared an extensive PowerPoint presentation with the producers at Solstice, and provided engineering files (CAD), photographs, and technical language and expertise.  Solstice turned that information into a written script and storyboard, which was revised and then approved by the client.  A shorter, sample animation was provided first, ensuring to DeTech that Solstice could understand and accurately translate the information into moving images.  The expanded script and video was then produced.

The result?

Let us know what you think!  Would a 3D process animation be a good sales or training tool for your business?  Want to talk?  Contact me.

Testimonial Video: Business Consulting

One of the most effective tools in your video tool belt is the customer testimonial.

These work on so many levels it’s surprising that not everyone has one (or three, or a dozen, or a hundred) of these essential videos yet.

Why?  Let’s break this down:

1) You give the people you like, trust, and respect a chance to share their stories

2) You feature their business or expertise in some fashion in the video (a title, an image, a brand identity)

3) By working with a seasoned video company, you ensure that your clients and their businesses will look and sound amazing (and have a great experience doing it. SO much easier to talk to a good producer than to write a letter or other testimonial)

4) You give them the opportunity to connect with you and your business on a deeper level (people feel good about giving. Can we sing Kumbaya yet?)

And best of all, well messaged customer testimonial videos will give YOU qualified leads, controlled word of mouth messaging, and convert prospects into buyers.

Are you in the giving mood? Call us and we’ll help you spread the word!

Explainer Animation: Technology Platform

When Forbes ranks a marketing tactic as high on the list of “must haves“, it might be time to consider it.

Explainer animations have been playing an increasingly vital role in businesses across industries, and with great reason.  You have products, processes, and solutions that are amazing, increase profits and productivity, solve problems, and provide tremendous value to your customers.  So what’s the issue?  Before they’ll buy (and certainly before they will pay the premium that you so obviously deserve) they need to understand exactly WHY your product/process/solution is the exact thing they are looking for.  Enter the Explainer animation – 60-90 seconds that succinctly describes your value in a fun and engaging way.

Explainer animations come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  If you can think of it, you can create an animation of it.  So how do you know which to choose?

As a director, I always believe that the simplest solution is the right solution.  Don’t ask your audience to make leaps, or to try to guess at what exactly your product/process or service is.  Don’t build your animation out of stock assets that could apply to any other business in your industry (or for that matter, in any other business period).  And don’t try too hard to be funny or cute.  Yes, entertaining your audience is great.  But the business executive who chooses to click play on your explainer video does so for one reason only – she wants to know why YOUR solution is the best way to solve HER problem.  Don’t distract her from that mission.

And keep in mind that your target audience

(which we in the business like to call BUYERS) could easily choose to watch your video in a situation where the sound is poor or even non-existent.  Having a great script, voiceover and music or sound effect track is important, but your explainer video can not depend on sound to deliver your message.  The visual story must be strong enough to carry the central message without sound.

A daunting task?

Great explainer animations follow a tight production process, and like any finely honed craft, is best approached with the help of a professional team.  But should this scare you away?  Heck, no!  Choose a production company whose work you enjoy, who have pieces in their portfolio that make you say “That’s a really great product/process/service!”.  They will guide you through the process, making it easy and fun, and leaving you with an amazing explainer video that increases conversion rates over and over and over and over again.

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