Automation Client Testimonial

“One of the things that was really important to me is having someone that truly understands industrial”

Thank you, Mike!

Here at Solstice, we love industrial.  We love complex.  We love engineering.  And we’d love to help you tell compelling and effective video stories.

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Investor Pitch Video: Healthcare Technology

Breathe easy . . .

We first worked with Dynaris a few years ago when they needed a 3D animation to demonstrate the benefits of their technology.  The company has grown since that time, and called again this summer in need of a rushed project – they had investor pitch opportunities and really needed a well-produced video.

The first project had worked out well – helping them open new doors and establish relationships that put their product into the hands of healthcare providers.  For this next one, they wanted a different approach, highlighting not only the tech but also the team behind it.

Their first question was: “This is different from our first project, do you work this way as well?”

And then, “How fast can we get it done?”

And our answers?  “Yes” and “How fast do you want it?”

We’ve designed our company to create a wide range of video, animation, marketing, and strategy projects on a timeline that works for you.  We’re nimble, creative, fun, and experienced.  Hey, that’s what we want out of our vendors, too!

Whether it’s an upcoming tradeshow, event, investor pitch, selection committee interview, you name it, you can trust Solstice to deliver a quality product with a simple process, on time.  With the Solstice team, you can breathe easy.


Project Case Study for Fabricator: Craftsmen Industries

When golfers like Tiger Woods, Jason Day, and Phil Mickelson will be lounging in your trailer, you want to make something really spectacular.

And when a client like TaylorMade is thrilled to hit the PGA Tour circuit in your creation, you want to make a spectacular video about it.

Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of marketing for companies of all types and industries. And a well produced video testimonial creates word of mouth opportunities that last. That’s why we love when an innovative company like Craftsmen Industries invites us to create a video testimonial like this one.

Even better? When we receive a testimonial in return!

“I could not be happier.  You nailed it. The shorter version is 100% customer as it should be and he used the tag line perfectly. This would be an Olympic perfect 10.  Thanks to you and your team for such fantastic work.  You ROCK!  I hope you are as proud of this as we are with this production.  What an awesome testimonial.  Nice work.  Hugs and high fives all around. “ — Mark Steele, President/CEO

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Company Introduction Video: Icon Mechanical

Your brand is more than just a logo.

It’s your culture.  Your mission.  Your vision.  The way you present your business to the world.

A branding video tells the story of your brand in ways that your logo can only dream of.

Let your brand out of the box.  Call us to begin crafting your branding video.

Overview Video: Professional Engineering Organization

The strength of an organization like NECA depends on the strength of the membership.

And the strength of an interview driven video depends on the strength of the interviewees.

I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it many times again – a good video starts with good preparation. A key piece of that prep is determining who will be interviewed and identifying which pieces of the story that individual can best illustrate. It’s like putting together a puzzle, or designing a building, or inventing a new product – each piece should complement the piece next to it to create a stronger, better, more interesting and more effective whole.

Here’s a couple of quick tips for deciding whom to interview in your next video:

1) Diversity is key to a great story. This can be physical diversity, such as race or gender, diversity of roles within the company or organization, diversity of experience or point of view, or diversity of client types. The more colors you add to your story the more vivid a picture you can create.

2) Interview subjects should reflect your audience. We love great actors because we can see something in them that we also see in ourselves. Corporate video can engage in that same way and help you attract more of the types of people you’d like to surround your business or organization with.

3) Interview subjects should be natural advocates of your story. This seems pretty intuitive, but we have been on set and found ourselves coaxing answers out of a reluctant interview subject. If someone genuinely does not buy in to your story, they won’t make for a good interview. On the other hand, if they do buy in and are truly advocates of your business or organization, a good director can capture a great interview even with people who are not used to being on camera. Authenticity is more important than on camera or speaking experience.

4) It never hurts to have a sense of fun. When the production has been well prepped out, the day or days of filming should be a great experience. Your interview subjects are already expert at what they do, and a good production crew is expert as well. Have fun, joke, smile, relax. It not only makes for a better day, it makes a much better video (and creates much better results!)

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Overview Video: St. Louis Makes

“Solstice was instrumental in helping St Louis Makes present our point of view via video.

We went with the recommendations of Solstice on all aspects of the project – format, questions, presentation style, etc. – and we were very pleased with the outcome and results. Solstice made us look like we were comfortably telling our story to a national audience. The video is a great testimonial that showcases our point of view and the upside potential for our segment here in the region”. — Marc Bowers, Founder, St. Louis Makes

Explainer Animation: Industrial Product

A short, well-messaged Explainer Video is always a strong choice.

What do you do when your concrete structure is showing signs of wear? Reach out to an SRS trained contractor, of course! (such as our friends and clients over at Western Specialty Contractors)

And, what do you do when a large portion of your business development and sales time is spent on explaining what it is that your product or service actually does?

Create an Explainer Video!

So, what makes an Explainer Video an Explainer Video?

1) It answers a prospect’s most common questions in a clear and concise manner

2) It demonstrates the features and benefits of a product or a service

3) When well presented, it leads to a “how do we get started?” sales conversation instead of a “now what is this?” exploratory conversation.

Simply put, an explainer video helps good prospects qualify themselves and saves sales and business development teams hours of time. And they are kind of like potato chips – once you have us produce one, you’ll be ready to come back for another (and another and . . . )

Have any questions about how Explainer Videos might work for your business? Give me a call .

Testimonial Video: Business Consulting

One of the most effective tools in your video tool belt is the customer testimonial.

These work on so many levels it’s surprising that not everyone has one (or three, or a dozen, or a hundred) of these essential videos yet.

Why?  Let’s break this down:

1) You give the people you like, trust, and respect a chance to share their stories

2) You feature their business or expertise in some fashion in the video (a title, an image, a brand identity)

3) By working with a seasoned video company, you ensure that your clients and their businesses will look and sound amazing (and have a great experience doing it. SO much easier to talk to a good producer than to write a letter or other testimonial)

4) You give them the opportunity to connect with you and your business on a deeper level (people feel good about giving. Can we sing Kumbaya yet?)

And best of all, well messaged customer testimonial videos will give YOU qualified leads, controlled word of mouth messaging, and convert prospects into buyers.

Are you in the giving mood? Call us and we’ll help you spread the word!

Recruiting Video: Retail Business

People . . . people who need people . .

If you’re like most business owners, or managers, or executives, you know that the strength of your business relies on the strength of your team.  Attracting and retaining the right talent, the best candidates for every position is crucial, time-consuming, and can become very expensive.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is that I get to work with incredibly talented artists all the time, people who can take a vision, a concept, a script, a direction, add their own sensibility and expertise, and collaborate with a full team to deliver awesome video.  How do I find these amazing people?  I use video, of course!

Sure, you say, you’re a video company.  What about me?  Don’t worry, I am thinking about you.  You, too, can use video to recruit incredibly talented individuals, those special few that bring the right skill sets, the right attitude, and the right commitment to making your company an even more successful and dynamic organization.  But don’t take my word for it – offers these 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Recruit Without Video.