A Cause for Celebration

What do Pepsi, the Milwaukee Bucks, and Solstice Productions Video have in common?  We were all just named Telly Award […]

Happy Not-So Accidents

To Script or Not to Script? That is the question asked by just about every business when they embark on […]

Happy Holidays!

The end of a year comes with a lot of activities, demands, last minute and not-so last minute things to […]

With Singular Focus

This job continually reminds me that a focus on the little things can have a major impact.  It might be […]

Sharing the Facts

    Last month, we were invited to a meeting at the Construction Forum to discuss an important and personal […]

A Strong Choice

What do you do when your concrete structure is showing signs of wear? Reach out to an SRS trained contractor, […]

Women’s Work

The best kind of marketing, and the best kind of video, has a very specific audience and knows exactly what […]

On the Job

As a multi-generational family business, Aschinger Electric knows that the best way to build a strong business to build strong […]

Something for Everyone

One of the most difficult questions I face nearly every day is “How much does a short video cost?” So, […]