Beware The Unknown

Beware The Unknown

We all have our tasks, our jobs, that we do every day, and damn, but we do those well.  And, then, when we’ve really hit our stride, our businesses are growing, it’s time to expand, to move, to create – now it gets a little scary.  Build a new commercial structure?  Yeah, we need the space, the parking, the improved functionality.  But construction is expensive!  It takes forever!  I’m going to be hit by surprise after surprise!  Not if you have a seasoned, trusted guide like BEX Construction Services at your side – and we at Solstice Productions are proud to feature their new video this month.

Let’s be frank, entering into an unknown process can be daunting, and yes, let’s say it, even scary. A lot can go wrong if a construction project is mismanaged, and that can mean a lot of dollars and time sunk right into a big fat hole.  The same can be said for any unfamiliar territory, any type of new endeavor.  Like, for instance, high quality video production.  And any time you begin to enter those big, dark, deep, scary woods of the unknown, it’s always wise to have an experienced guide.

So, how do you know if your guide (the production company or producer that you are considering hiring), is the right person or team?  How will they alleviate your fears, save you unwanted and undeserved stress, time, and money, and deliver a quality project that gets you more business?  Here’s a few steps to follow when making your selection:

1) Watch full samples of their work.  A demo reel can be sexy, cool, and fun (and should be), but does not tell you much about how effective that team is at capturing attention, delivering a clear and effective message, and creating a memorable viewing experience.  You can only determine those skills by watching at least one or two samples of full pieces.  The company doesn’t have any full samples online?  Ask for them.  The company doesn’t even have a demo on their website?  Time to bounce off of that one and find another.  Definitely be wary of anyone who offers video production and has no video.  Scary!

2) Get references.  Ok, next step.  You see some good looking stuff.  Now it’s time to find out how the client experience was.  Was it delivered on time and budget?  Does the team help their clients design the project, make the process fun and easy?  Are their clients satisfied?  You can do this by reading reviews, asking for references, or reading testimonials on their website (like these!)

3) Hold a Discovery Meeting.  This can be done in person, over the phone, or online.  The producer (and sometimes director or account manager) will walk your team through the development, pre-production, production, and post- production process.  You should walk away with a clear understanding of how that production company will approach your project, how much of your time and energy will need to be invested, a budget or budget range, and an estimated time to project completion.  Still have fears about entering into the unknown?  Be sure to ask your questions.  If that particular team does not have the answers, it may be time to look for someone else.

Want to learn more about how Solstice Productions can guide you safely to the other side (and leave you with an amazing video that helps you win job, after job, after job for years to come)?  Call us!

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