At Your Core

At Your Core

“So, how are you different?”

Ever heard that one from a prospective client? And then you kinda go “ummm . . . . “

We all know the buzzwords – “quality” “customer service” “value”. And let’s face it, we all know those attributes, while important, are really just the base standards you have to meet to stay in business.

So, how are you different?

Every company has an identity, a brand, a core – just like every business owner, every employee, every individual has an identity, a brand, a core. And at that core are the things make you, or your company, a true one of a kind.

Let’s get to the core of this situation with a handful of to-don’ts:

  1. Don’t be afraid to be authentic. You may think your engineers, craftspeople, admins won’t be good on camera. You are wrong! They are at the core of what you do, and they embody the brand better than anyone else. Let them shine!

  2. Don’t overcomplicate. There are lots of fun and imaginative ways to create a video message. And those are great social media posts, ad campaigns, or greeting cards. But to showcase your true identity and your unique value, keep it simple and honest.

  3. Don’t be nervous. A culture or core competencies video may feel like a pop quiz. But I have a secret – there are no wrong answers. This should be a fun, inclusive, and engaging process (after all, those are the ones that yield the best results).

When at your core you have an amazing team and service like our long time clients Western Specialty Contractors you want to show it off – and we’re always ready to help!

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