A World of Possibilities

A World of Possibilities

Inspiration comes from everywhere.  A book, an article, a blog.  A video, a tv show, a social media post.  A speech, a meeting, a story.  Every day we meet with entrepreneurs and business leaders, and every day we hear stories of what inspires them, what drives them to strike out, build a business, solve a problem.

And, at the start of every video project, we face a blank page, a scribble of notes, a headful of stories and directions and ideas, and we seek inspiration.  How do you produce an international award winning video?  Or, more importantly, how do you produce a video that engages an audience, or moves them to action?  Well, you turn to the global creative community for that spark of inspiration.

We watch a lot of video here at Solstice Productions.  We watch videos from around the world, in languages that we don’t speak, for companies large and small, independent films, branded, non branded, animation, live action.  We sort the ones that move us – this idea is perfect for this client, file this one away for later, combine elements from those ideas and stir.  It’s challenging, fun, rewarding, and ultimately, an integral part of who we are (much like open source is integral to OCI – see the video here).

So, how do you find that inspiration, and turn it into a video that is unique, effective, and helps your business?

First of all, don’t be afraid to look outside your industry.  Yes, it’s important to see what the competition is up to, but more important to find a style, a voice, a brand message, a story that is organic and unique to YOU.  And you may find that in some surprising places.  

Next, ask yourself why the videos or stories that move you do so.  Or, if you watch some sample videos and don’t feel moved, why not?  It may be as simple as “that was really easy to understand,” or “I stopped paying attention after 20 seconds of that one.”  Just defining “I get that” versus “I don’t care” will help you to create better videos.

Then ask, what can you add to the conversation?  If it’s a competitor’s video that you like, what can you say that will differentiate you?  If it’s from a different industry, how can that style be applied to your industry or business, and how will it be adjusted to stay relevant?

Finally, don’t jump on a bandwagon of “trend”.  Yes, five years ago everyone wanted a whiteboard animation.  That was FIVE YEARS AGO.  Whiteboard can still be a good technique, but now feels dated, unless it adds something new to the conversation.  Instead, consider how you might use some of the ideas from that trend (say, turning non-visual concepts into visual images) in a way that will still be relevant a few years from now.

Need help with inspiration, or turning that inspiration into a video reality?  You know we’re always here for you . . . 




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