Gather Around the Campfire

Gather Around the Campfire

The origin story.  “Once upon a time.”  “Picture it – “.  “I was born a . . . “

We all have one – we didn’t just appear one day, did we?  (And, if you did, that’s still one heck of an origin story.)  Superhero, villain, business icon or newcomer, there’s a path that we’ve walked that shapes who we are today and informs the decisions we’ll make in the future.

Mine?  I was once a young actress, fell in love with a young actor, and moved to Hollywood.  3 years and almost 200 days on film and TV sets later, we came back to my hometown of St. Louis to build a production business.  We won a grant to produce a documentary, bought a camera, a computer, and Final Cut Pro, and taught ourselves how to use the equipment.  The resulting 45 minutes was picked up by a New York distribution firm and was broadcast on worldwide TV.  (Oh, and along the way, we took and failed out of a video production course at Forest Park Community College.  My Webster University students love it when I tell them.)  We learned storytelling from our study of the craft of acting.  The rest of it came as we went – when you need to learn something to help you tell the RIGHT story, learning becomes essential, not rote.  Flash forward 15 years and together we’ve produced hundreds of hours of content for a broad and diverse clientele.

What does the origin story say about Solstice Productions?  That we’re passionate.  That we’ll do whatever is needed to serve the story.  That we’re nimble, and learn quickly.  That we’re a family business and love what we do.

We have the pleasure of presenting another origin story – that of a fourth generation family business.  The story begins over 100 years ago, but the threads of that story touch and inform the company today.  If you didn’t watch it yet, do so now.

Whether you’ve been in business 100 years or 100 days, your origin story can connect you to new audiences and new opportunities.  Want to tell yours?  I’m listening.

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