1800 Choices

1800 Choices

But they all look sooo good!

No.  I’m not talking about ice cream (a visual storytelling trick, ha ha!) 

Video is captured at a frame rate of either 24 frames per second or 29.97 frames per second.  I’m a video producer, not a math professor, so for the sake of this article let’s call it 30 frames per second.  A frame is an individual still image, that when played back sequentially at a rate of 30 frames per second, appears to be in motion.  One minute has, yes, of course you’re already ahead of me, 60 seconds, so a quick multiplication leads us to the correct conclusion that one minute of video contains 1800 individual frames.  (And if a picture is worth a thousand words, than one minute of video is worth 1.8 million.)

A professional edit system, such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, allows an editor to cut down to the frame level – yes, an editor could choose to splash up a given image for 1/30th of a second.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

So, effectively, each minute of video contains at least 1800 visual choices.  What should I show here?  What image, graphic, or animation works best here?  And each one of those choices is worth 1,000 words.  Make a great choice?  Huge impact.  Make a ehh choice?  Well, make an ehh impact.  Make a totally wrong choice, and, you follow me.

How do you know if the choice is a good one?  Does it further the story, or is it repetitive?  Is it specific, or generic?  Is it honest?

Whether you are investing the dollars in working with a professional production company, or the hours that it takes to self-produce, understanding the import of each decision is crucial to creating a successful product.  Want help?  You know you can call me.

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